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Web Addresses in Science and Religion

This page contains a sample of websites that are actively contributing to the science/religion dialogue. Some are looking for reconciliation between the two areas, while some present a point of view from just one side.

                  1) Sites for reconciliation:

                www.templeton.org  has a press and a library of books.

                www.stnews.org  is a newspaper published monthly

                www.Science-Spirit.org  is a bimonthly magazine

www.metanexus.net  is a daily-changing website with articles, essays, book reviews.

www.eerdmans.com  is a publishing company specializing in books on science & religion.

www.aojs.org  The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists, stating, "science is one of God’s tools."

www.blackwell-synergy.com  to obtain a subscription to Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, published by the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science.

www.scienceandreligionbooks.org  is the Science and Religion Bookstore.

www.questia.com/popularSearches/science_and_religion.jsp an online library of books and articles

2) Intelligent Design sites:

www.discovery.org  is the headquarters for the intelligent design movement. Contains many articles and essays.

www.designinference.com  is the site for the writings of William A. Dembski, a leading proponent.

www.iscid.org/index.php  is the home page for the International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design. The purpose is to retrain scientists to see purpose in nature.

www.arn.org  is a network of intelligent design sites.

3) Proponents for purely scientific explanations:

www.csicop.org  is the home of The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Their magazine is Skeptical Inquirer.

www.nctimes.net/~mark/  Mark Perakh’s website, an agnostic physics professor who disagrees with intelligent design.

www.talkorigins.org  offers a ‘mainstream science’ answer to intelligent design arguments.

www.colorado.edu/philosophy/vstenger Professor Emeritus Stenger believes science has all the answers.